Thursday, February 25, 2010

procrastinating on studying for midterms = updating my blog

I have a midterm tomorrow in probability, so I thought it would be a good use of time to update my blog. I have been unemployed for about a month now and it follows that I am about a month into the first semester of my senior year. It's exciting to see a (very dim) light end of the tunnel of my college education. I say dim because this stuff is hard! I mean... hard! I feel like Billy Madison when he graduates to the third grade. "First and second grade were easy... but social studies? division?? this is going to be tough!" I think the main problem is, I took all my GE at FCC and now all I have is upper division math classes to complete. Five classes is not so bad, five upper division math classes? That's crazy! So ya, here is my schedule for any of you that didn't already know:

Physics of light waves
Probability and Statistics (for math majors)
Ordinary Differential Equations (basically calculus stuff)
History of Mathematics
Mathematical Computation
Physics Lab (electricity)

Physics is pretty hard, but if I complete all the homework I should be fine in the class, even if I have poor test scores, and talking to Austin is a huge help on this. THANKS AUSTIN! I am really struggling in the probability course, and this is the one i'm procrastinating on studying for at the moment. ODE class is pretty cool, although all we seem to do is find the correct rates for fishing so that it doesn't diminish the fish population (population models). fishing = not interesting. History of math completes my upper GE writing requirement, and the teacher is taking this very seriously and assigns an insane amount of homework. It's cool though because we are learning how to do math the way Euclid and Archimedes did, using a compass and straight edge. Because of this class I can now prove to you the Pythagorean Theorem! I know you're impressed. The mathematical computation class (MATLAB) seems pretty easy so far, it's basically just computer programming, and although I'm still a newb I'm not completely ignorant on how to do it.

Anyway, moral of the story is, this semester seems like almost impossible. BUT from my years of college I know that if you attend your classes, do all of your homework and study for your tests (and have some natural smartness of course) you will pass. So I take some solace in that fact.

I should be done with everything by the end of the year. As long as the school offers the classes I need, which may not happen due to budget cuts.

I forgot to mention that I'm also working in the math tutoring center.. which basically means I hang out in the math tutoring center a lot and sometimes help kids with their homework. I'm one of the more high up tutors (I mean I've taken more math) which is cool. Helping kids runs from helping someone calculate interest on a purchase to arguing with some girl about how to set up an integral - ya that happened this morning. I wanted to be like "you know, you're right... what do I know.. I only got an A in that course, and have had two more semesters of calc than you.. I'm dumb to think that the height should be in terms of y and not x... silly me."


  1. Go Anne Go!!!
    BTW- What are you going to do with all this knowledge???

  2. Nice work! Your classes sound hard. The electricity component of AP physics was so hard for me, mostly that's why I failed the AP test. Maybe because I had a crappy teacher, but I just couldn't wrap my head around it. And I just read a biography of Archimedes and I was completely wowed about how smart he was to figure out the stuff he did with just circles, a straight edge, and basic algebra.

  3. So what's the probability that you will blog about your probability exam? ( > .5 ?)

  4. I like when you update your blog... you should do it more often